ThinkUp Values

These are some of the issues we care about as a company. We articulate them as an incentive to pursue them.

  1. It is nice to be nice.
  2. We care about leaving the web, and the world, a better place than we found it.
  3. We care about the open exchange of ideas, in formats that are not controlled by any one company, country or institution.
  4. We want to encourage open sharing of technology and of creativity, in ways that provide meaningful rewards to creators.
  5. We strive for everyone having access to technology and to information, without regard to geography, identity, ability or wealth.
  6. We care about the laws and rules of intellectual property being aligned with the cultural practice of how those works are used, and want them to encourage maximum creativity and expression in the world.
  7. We care about design at every level, from the systematic underpinnings of how our company and technology works to our commmunity’s aesthetic, artistic and expressive works.
  8. We want all our messages to use plain, simple, clear language that doesn’t needlessly obfuscate.
  9. We care about equitable opportunity, particularly within the technology industry. We strive to be inclusive and encouraging to all.
  10. We want to be honest in all of our dealings, and especially in our mistakes. The goal of our communications is to reveal the truth, not to manage or conceal it.
  11. We’re going to screw up. We’re going to learn from it. It’s only unforgivable if we don’t share what we learned.
  12. We want to prioritize helping those who are least familiar with technology, least able to engage with the traditional technology industry, and least resilient to the conventional failings of technology efforts.
  13. We define our internal success in terms of many people having fulfilling, rewarding careers, rather than just a small number of extremely successful leaders. We aim for anyone with whom we work to feel empowered, respected, challenged and enriched.
  14. We believe that working sensible hours and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is the best way to ensure long-term productivity.
  15. We define community success as a healthy, sustainable growth rate that allows our community to become more diverse and inclusive while also still having coherence and a sense of camaraderie.
  16. We define civic success as being a meaningful and committed driver of improvements in our local communities, whether those are defined by geography, identity or technology. We want to contribute time, energy and our voices to encouraging good policy, good participation and good citizenship by us and our community.
  17. We define commercial success as sustainably and profitably growing in a way that’s responsible; we aim to be respectful while being unapologetically competitive.
  18. We define overall success as making a large number of people’s lives better and more meaningful.
  19. We want to learn lessons from as many different examples and contexts as possible, based on the principle that nearly any problem has been encountered in at least an analogous form in the past.
  20. We are going to have a sense of humor. Because hell, we’re gonna need it.

Did we miss any? Let us know.