ThinkUp shut down on July 18. Find out about your refund & how we're keeping your data safe.

Goodbye, and thanks for being part of the ThinkUp community.

ThinkUp has shut down. We're automatically crediting all current members with a pro-rated subscription refund.

Refunds will be complete by July 21, 2016. Your data will be securely deleted.

What was ThinkUp?

We built ThinkUp to analyze your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook activity and provide fun and surprising insights. Over the past few years, we've been lucky to be supported by an incredible community of users, contributors and investors. We're grateful.

The earliest versions of ThinkUp began as an open source project created by Gina Trapani seven years ago. With the help of cofounder Anil Dash and an incredible and inclusive community of contributors, we built ThinkUp into a powerful tool.

In 2013, we decided to turn ThinkUp into a real business. Our community supported an enormously successful crowdfunding campaign, and we enlisted some of the most respected investors to help us make ThinkUp into a viable company. We added seven incredible team members and they built ThinkUp's best features.

Over time, it became increasingly complicated to add new features, since ThinkUp relies on the data provided by services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to other challenges and mistakes that affected ThinkUp's success (we'll be writing about them in the future), this made it impossible to keep going.

We're already seeing ThinkUp's features influencing new apps from companies like Twitter. And we still believe in the core idea behind ThinkUp: We need to pay careful attention to how we spend our time online, and make sure it's worth our while. We're proud to have run our company with respect for our users.

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